Vegetation Management Plans

Commercial Vegetation & Weed Control Management Plans

Custom Spray’s Weed Control Management plans are designed to keep substations, gas wells, utility right-of-ways, damns, airports and many other industrial or commercial facilities free from unwanted vegetation growth and weeds.

We have degreed professionals who can develop and implement vegetation and weed control management plans to fit your unique needs while also meeting your State’s requirements and regulations.

Vegetation Control Plans:

Nearly 90% of all weed and vegetation control falls into the following 2 plans but we will customize the right plan for your needs and application:

Vegetation Control Plan 1 Vegetation Control Plan 2
  • Herbicide (Round Up)
  • Pre-emergent Herbicide
  • Typically 2 Sprays Per Year
  • Liquid Application
  • Herbicide (Round Up)
  • Soil Sterilant
  • Typically 1 Spray Per Year
  • Liquid Application
* Herbicide – controls existing, unwanted vegetation and weeds
* Pre-emergent – will prevent new growth of most weeds for up to 3 months
* Soil Sterilant – will prevent new growth for up to an entire season


As professionals in weed control and vegetation management, we will come up with a plan to meet the specific needs of your company, industry or state.  Contact us for free consultation.