Poisonous Plant Control

Where poisonous plants are either a nuisance or become a hazard, we have the expertise to effectively eliminate and control unwanted plants such as poison ivy, poison oak, hogweed, sumac, and other noxious species. Undoubtedly, poisonous plants not only account for loss of productivity in the work place, but contribute to significant financial loss and injury to humans and livestock each and every year.

Invasive Weed Control OhioIt is especially important to understand the toxic risks associated with the habitation and removal of these plants in order to protect the general public or anyone who happens to come in direct contact with them as an employee or invitee to any public park, public gardens, arboretums,  farms, or even campgrounds.

There are many species of poisonous plants in the United States alone which may be difficult to identify and some of them are extremely dangerous to remove. Some poisonous plants either contain  liquids or other toxins which may pose a serious risk of harm to humans and live stock if released into the air, or they may simply cause injury to an inexperienced individual  based upon the method of removal.

Our services quickly identify the type of exposure and we work efficiently to eliminate future occurrences by periodic monitoring  maintenance and treatment based upon your unique environmental circumstances. To learn more about our poisonous plant control services please contact one of our representatives. We will be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have and promptly schedule an evaluation per your request.