Invasive Plant Management

One of the most difficult environmental issues affecting our client’s commercial property’s has been the impact of invasive, non-native plants.  In Ohio, for example, about one-quarter of these invasive plants growing  have originated from other parts of the world.

Invasive Vegetation and Plant Control Ohio

These species of invasive plants, often called non-native, exotic or alien, were not known to occur prior to European settlement in the mid 1700s. The invasive plants, whether they are native or non-native, have the ability to take over native plant communities, forming monocultures and displacing other native plants.

There are several species of invasive plants known to exist across the U.S.  Depending on where your property resides, the managing of certain invasive plants may have already become a critical issue, because the very characteristics which help these plants flourish, also makes them difficult to control. Traditional management tools, such as hand pulling the most aggressive plants are not always cost effective. Hand pulling is often labor-intensive and, most often unsuccessful at eradicating alien plants in the long-term.

Our experienced team of professionals have the ability to remedy most if not all your invasive plants. We have an effective approach through the use of our special combination of herbicides tailored to be an effective tool in curbing invasive plant infestation, while protecting other native plant species.

To learn more about how our products and services will meet your application needs, please contact us. We will be more than happy to answer any questions or other concerns you may have.